A tinted photograph of a long line up of schoolchildren outside Cobalt Public school.
A photograph of the southbound train pulling into the Cobalt Train Station.

Historic Photographs

Students can explore an extensive collection of historic photos from The Cobalt Adventure Game. These images can be used in a variety of ways such as making collages or designing an original choose-your-own adventure style storyboard.

An image of two sticks of dynamite.


View a collection of artefacts from the Cobalt Mining Museum that were used during the filming of The Cobalt Adventure Game.

An image of a postcard from Cobalt, early 1900s

Glossary of Terms

The world of Cobalt is filled with terms that might be unfamiliar. In our Glossary, students can find out what a blind pig is and why a bucket is something you can ride in to work.

A photograph of miners underground.

Actual Factuals

The Actual Factuals can be found every time a game player comes to an ending in The Cobalt Adventure. The Actual Factuals provide the real life stories behind the trials and adventures of the characters in the game. Also included are the photos used as the background plates in the creation of the video as well as some interesting facts and figures.