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Learn about the pioneering research techniques Vancouver Aquarium scientists have developed to study killer whales.
Collection: Conservation in Action : Killer Whales
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
The artwork and influence of Canadian artist Caroline Boileau.
Collection: Science in Art: Body
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Learn more about the types of classification systems for collections and the scientific classification of living things.
Collection: Collections on display: Now it’s your turn!
Creator: Musée de la nature et des sciences inc
Steller sea lions are absolutely huge. As the largest species of sea lion in the world, they can grow to be the size of a minivan!
Collection: Conservation in Action : The Sea Lions
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
The hard work that leads to the realization of a great dream is, in itself, its own reward.
Collection: Armand Frappier: Pioneer of Preventive Medicine
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Document Identification and Forgery
Collection: Forensic Science: Science for Solving Crimes
Creator: CHIN
Artwork and biography of Canadian artist Catherine Richards
Collection: Science in Art: Body
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Initially created for educational purposes, the Séminaire de St-Hyacinthe's preserved animals collection served as a laboratory
Collection: Hummingbirds in Canada
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Around 1930, the Laboratory staff consisted of five employees. There was the director, Dr. Derome, and his assistant from 1924 on, Rosario Fontaine.
Collection: History of Forensic Science in Canada
Creator: CHIN
Rockfish are really cool, but they’re in trouble right now because they’re being overfished. Fortunately, there are some people who are working really hard to help their populations recover.
Collection: Conservation in Action : The Rockfish
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
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