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Glass paintings from Senegal depict scenes of play, with descriptions of the cultural practices illustrated
Collection: Countries of the Francophone: The Musée de la Femme "Henriette Bathily", Senegal
Creator: CHIN-Canadian Heritage Information Network
Objects Made from Traditional Materials by Plains Peoples
Collection: Bone Snow Knives and Tin Oil Lamps: Objects Made by Canada’s First Nations with Traditional Materials
Creator: CHIN-Canadian Heritage Information Network
The artwork and influence of Canadian artist Caroline Boileau.
Collection: Science in Art: Body
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Support and materials concerning contemporary painting.
Collection: The Painting Project: A Snapshot of Painting in Canada
Creator: Galerie de l'UQAM
The project of the Museum London
Collection: Young Curators of the Future
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Two assignments- art-making studio and a research paper - designed for secondary school students based on a study of Lawren Harris and his paintings of Mount Lefroy.
Collection: Art!Facts
Creator: McMichael Canadian Art Collection
To learn: 1. What secondary resources are? 2. Why they are useful? 3. What secondary resources are available for research on the Rideau Canal?
Collection: Heritage Passages
Creator: Carleton University
Noh is a type of play both performed and enjoyed by the samurai with whom it was very popular as the themes often reflected samurai history.
Collection: Exploring Japan: Samurai – Warrior Class of Japan
Creator: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Analysis of Canadian artist Tom Thomson and his work, Early Snow.
Collection: Panoramas: North American Landscape in Art - Virtual Tours and Media Exhibition
Creator: CHIN
Examples of Moroccan Carpets from High Atlas mountain region
Collection: Countries of the Francophone : The Musée National des Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie, Paris, France
Creator: CHIN-Canadian Heritage Information Network
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