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The form of Buddhism that reached Japan from India in 552 CE is called Mahayana, it involves rituals, sutras and amulets. Zen Buddhism (inner peace through meditation) was popular with the samurai.
Collection: Exploring Japan: Spirituality – The Social Fabric of Japan
Creator: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
On Saint-Valentine's Day, lovers have always conveyed heartfelt emotion through gifts of love.
Collection: Will You Be My Valentine? A Gallery of Greetings
Creator: CHIN
Discover works of art from the nineteenth century which depict the devil before creating a character which draws on these works using drawing or collage
Collection: Discover Quebec and Canadian Art
Creator: Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal
Presenting biographical information on Lawren S. Harris, interpretive material on his series of paintings of Mount Lefroy, and background information on the Group of Seven.
Collection: Art!Facts
Creator: McMichael Canadian Art Collection
The foods we eat make us who we are and shape the world we live in
Collection: Sharing the Meal!
Creator: Musée de la civilisation
Aboriginal names and stories about particular stars vary from place to place in Australia.
Collection: Sky Stories: Indigenous Astronomy
Creator: CHIN
Anishinabe" means "the people" in the Algonquin language. The Ojibway people of Canada who live in northwestern Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan use the word to refer to themselves.
Collection: Sky Stories: Indigenous Astronomy
Creator: CHIN
The 1800 slavery trial in Fredericton, New Brunswick, of Nancy Morton, a black woman, brought by her alleged owner, Caleb Jones. Excerpts of brief given by Nancy's lawyer, Ward Chipman.
Collection: Black Woman Ann Otherwise Called Nancy
Creator: Heritage Branch Province of New Brunswick
During the Cold War, Canada played a significant role promoting peace and workable compromises in world affairs, through the United Nations.
Collection: Shaping Canada: Our Voices and Stories
Creator: Royal Ontario Museum
Based on the teachings of Confucius, it originated in China and came to Japan in the 500s CE. It professes the ‘Golden Rule’ and believes that we all have our place in human relationships.
Collection: Exploring Japan: Spirituality – The Social Fabric of Japan
Creator: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
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