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Searched for: Political Science
Activity: Canadian Confederation
Collection: Canadian Confederation
Creator: Library and Archives Canada
North American waterways are important geographical features of the land, serving as routes for commercial and military transportation and as an energy source.
Collection: Panoramas: The North American Landscape in Art– The Artist’s Perspective
Creator: CHIN
Otho Robichaud, who might be referred to as an Acadian loyalist, became a leader in an Acadian society under British rule.
Collection: The Most Gentleman-like Government on Earth
Creator: Heritage Branch Province of New Brunswick
Decision is made to create the new colony of New Brunswick by partitioning the larger colony of Nova Scotia.
Collection: The Most Gentleman-like Government on Earth
Creator: Heritage Branch Province of New Brunswick
Miscou Crash
Collection: A Century of Aviation in New Brunswick
Creator: Heritage Branch, Province of New Brunswick
Portrait of Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row; Portrait of Etow Oh Koam; Portrait of Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row; Portrait of Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow. Each image includes painting and frame.
Collection: Four Kings and One Queen
Creator: Portrait Gallery of Canada
The interaction between the First Peoples and the French changes everyone’s lives. Wealth from the fur trade benefits the French Empire and those who help them.
Collection: Shaping Canada: Our Voices and Stories
Creator: Royal Ontario Museum
The story of “The Punishment” according to Navajo Legend
Collection: Hummingbird Activities and Games
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Indian Dance at Government House depicts the yearly visist of Maliseets to the lieutenant-Governor's residence on January 1, 1835 - a custom which commenced with Sir Howard Douglas.
Collection: My Land is Not Thine, Either by Right or by Conquest
Creator: Heritage Branch Province of New Brunswick
Following are texts associated with the chapter on “A Core Element: Education.”
Collection: The beginning of a new era - the Quiet Revolution in Quebec
Creator: Musée québécois de culture populaire
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