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Monarchs require very specific habitats and conditions in both their summer and winter homes. For various reasons Monarchs now face a scarcity in suitable habitats.
Collection: Butterflies North and South: Conservation
Creator: CHIN-Canadian Heritage Information Network
Learn about the pioneering research techniques Vancouver Aquarium scientists have developed to study killer whales.
Collection: Conservation in Action : Killer Whales
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
A geological introduction to non-renewable resources, in particular, the fossil fuels: oil and natural gas.
Collection: Magnificent Rocks
Creator: New Brunswick Museum
The profile of the plant Evening-primrose, its range, uses and its place in Canadian medicine.
Collection: Plant Profiles
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Learn more about the types of classification systems for collections and the scientific classification of living things.
Collection: Collections on display: Now it’s your turn!
Creator: Musée de la nature et des sciences inc
Birds' eggs, like the birds themselves, vary enormously in size. Although large birds lay larger eggs than do small birds, small birds actually have proportionately larger eggs.
Collection: Eggs
Creator: CHIN
300 km separate Sable Island from the nearest land. How do plants and animals get there? Are they truly isolated from others of their kind?
Collection: Sable Island: Alone in the Atlantic
Creator: CHIN
Steller sea lions are absolutely huge. As the largest species of sea lion in the world, they can grow to be the size of a minivan!
Collection: Conservation in Action : The Sea Lions
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Students will read texts written by authors from the Lake Saint-Pierre region in order to explore their sources of inspiration and compare their different writing styles.
Collection: Human Activities in the Lake Saint-Pierre Region-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Creator: Biophare
The profile of the plant Black Cohosh, its range, uses and its place in Canadian medicine.
Collection: Plant Profiles
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
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