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As individuals, and as members of organizations, women helped lead the transformation of society through education. Women reformers endorsed a range of causes.
Collection: Radical Reform - Education and Society 1845-1945
Creator: Toronto District School Board (TDSB)
The "winter air conditioner" was a convergence of five advanced technologies: oil burner, controls, fan, filter and humidifier.
Collection: 'Warming Up' Collection of space heating artefacts, 1920s to the 1960s
Creator: HVACR Heritage Centre Canada
Students analyze the importance of faunal artifacts (bones), tools and methods used to hunt, fish and process meats to understand roles of domestic and wild species in the survival of early settlers.
Collection: Feeding the Frontier - Food in Early Canada
Creator: Davenport Centre - Heritage Hall
Gordon Fairweather from Rothesay, New Brunswick, served as the first Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
Collection: The Magna Carta of Mankind
Creator: Heritage Branch Province of New Brunswick
Methods of Training and Communication.
Collection: Canadian Remembrances: War on Land - Mobilization
Creator: CHIN-Canadian Heritage Information Network
Describes the habitat, migration patterns, diet, enemies and physical characteristics of the monarch butterfly.
Collection: Butterfly Biology
Creator: CHIN-Canadian Heritage Information Network
Promoters of Acadian Rights
Collection: I Have a Dream: Language Rights in New Brunswick
Creator: Heritage Branch Province of New Brunswick
Nations, much like corporations and organizations, rely on branding to project a particular image of themselves to others. This activity looks at branding design at a more local level.
Collection: Connecting the World Through Canadian Design
Creator: Design Exchange
Portrait of Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row; Portrait of Etow Oh Koam; Portrait of Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row; Portrait of Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow. Each image includes painting and frame.
Collection: Four Kings and One Queen
Creator: Portrait Gallery of Canada
Senator Noel Kinsella served as Chairperson of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission for 22 years.
Collection: The Magna Carta of Mankind
Creator: Heritage Branch Province of New Brunswick
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