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Searched for: Grade 4: 8,9 years
Learn about the pioneering research techniques Vancouver Aquarium scientists have developed to study killer whales.
Collection: Conservation in Action : Killer Whales
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
In this learning object, you will find two treasures from the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.
Collection: Canada's Got Treasures
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
The Innu traditionally clothed them selves in caribou skin. Caribou skin coats were often beautifully decorated and provided warm protection from bitter northerly winds.
Collection: Innu Objects
Creator: The Rooms
This object is the official last spike for the Pacific line. The spike has been lost for many years. Many historians have investigated the matter, but no one has ever been able to find out what ...
Collection: The Adventure Train - Canadian Train Game
Creator: CHIN
300 km separate Sable Island from the nearest land. How do plants and animals get there? Are they truly isolated from others of their kind?
Collection: Sable Island: Alone in the Atlantic
Creator: CHIN
Steller sea lions are absolutely huge. As the largest species of sea lion in the world, they can grow to be the size of a minivan!
Collection: Conservation in Action : The Sea Lions
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
For many years, we spent several days in the summer in a small village in the high mountains. The peace of the century-old forest and the hospitality of the mountain people made us forget the turmo...
Collection: Staying in Tune: Chordophones
Creator: CHIN
We have been observing and documenting snow and avalanches since 1885 and continue to observe snow today to help people stay safe in avalanche terrain and avoid avalanches.
Collection: Obstacles to Transportation Learning Object Collection
Creator: Revelstoke Museum & Archives Association
This is an instrument used by female groups of a mystic congregation whose patron saint is "Sidi Ahmed Tijani". It is used in a very special way.
Collection: Membranophones
Creator: CHIN
Innikueu (doll) were traditionally made by Innu for their children to use as toys. “Tea dolls” stored tea that could be used if a family’s main tea supply ran out.
Collection: Innu Objects
Creator: The Rooms
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