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Searched for: Grade 1: 5,6 years
In the wild, puffins make their nests: in a burrow they dig with their feet and bill in earthen slopes... or in crevices between rocks or moraine deposits.
Collection: Nature Under Glass - Arctic
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Having already established a reputation as a retailer of quality goods in Montréal, Henry Morgan & Company established its mail-order business around 1891.
Collection: Company Histories
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
You only need to take a good look at your house to see not only what it is, but also what it could become... It is the awakening of the handyman in us!
Collection: Homo Renovus
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
The mail-order catalogue brought an increasingly varied and modern selection of goods to the homes of Canadians.
Collection: From Order to Delivery
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
The birds that live on the Saint Lawrence Marine Ecosystem cliffs.
Collection: Nature Under Glass - St. Lawrence Marine Ecosystem
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
In Brazilian Amazonia, farmers have been slashing and burning the tropical rainforest for many years.
Collection: Nature Under Glass - Tropical Forest – First Impressions
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
In many societies of oral tradition, musical instruments are used as accompaniment to mythical songs, epics and sung praises that transmit a people's history and values.
Collection: The Astonishing World of Musical Instruments
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Like all forests, the Tropical Forest can be divided vertically into a number of layers, storeys or strata.
Collection: Nature Under Glass - Tropical Forest – In the Trees and in the Water
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
Information about fly anatomy, life cycles and the role they play in pollinating prairie plants.
Collection: Prairie Plants and Pollinators
Creator: The Manitoba Museum
The Biodôme's Laurentian Forest represents a deciduous forest (where the leaves actually drop in the fall). More specifically it is a sugar maple-yellow birch stand
Collection: Nature Under Glass - Laurentian Forest
Creator: RCIP-CHIN
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