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As an endless source of discoveries, is a unique interactive space that brings together Canadian museum collections and riches in a variety of thought-provoking and instructive contents. It’s the window on current museum news and the reference guide to planning an outing.

In, you will find virtual exhibits, teaching resources, and innovative projects. Enter your museum space!

A Strong Partnership is the result of a close partnership between Canada’s museum community and the department of Canadian Heritage.

At the leading edge of this initiative, the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) is a national centre of expertise in technology within the department of Canadian Heritage, which has been helping the heritage community since 1972 to take full advantage of information technologies and to integrate these in their practices. by the Numbers

  • A detailed inventory prepared in cooperation with the Canadian Museums Association that encompasses close to 3,000 Canadian heritage institutions (interactive map, contact information, hours and activities).
  • Millions of visits annually, from over 200 countries.
  • Over 500 virtual exhibits promoting the content of Canadian museums.
  • More than 150 interactive resources.
  • Over 365 learning resources (including lesson plans and educational activities) in the Teachers’ Centre (with 380 additions expected in 2009).
  • More than 450 working educators interacting through the Teachers' Centre of


  • 1999: Appearing in the Speech from the Throne, the idea of a virtual museum is born of the desire to make even more accessible our rich and diversified heritage collections.
  • 2000: A series of consultations and reflections were held to help define the parameters of this initiative. Over 550 CHIN members were invited to take part, with nearly 200 people representing 160 institutions attending sessions led by consultants.
  • 2001: Public launching of Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) on March 22nd, and first call for proposals of the VMC Investment Programs.
  • 2003: Launch of the Community Memories section of the VMC that highlights the efforts of smaller museums to create online exhibits on their local history.
  • 2007: First pilot online version of the VMC Teachers' Centre.
  • 2009: Total redesign of the Virtual Museum of Canada ( to maintain its position at the leading edge of contemporary Web practices.

With new monthly content, is more than ever a site featuring unprecedented possibilities in terms of interaction and technology, to give a visible face to the treasures that are entrusted to Canadian museums through innovative and dynamic approaches.

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