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Découvrez la grande histoire et la culture du Canada au Musée virtuel du Canada (MVC). Vous y trouverez des expositions virtuelles et des ressources interactives sur une multitude de sujets, créées par des galeries et des musées canadiens. Vous découvrirez également des expositions palpitantes sur des histoires de chez nous, tirées des collections de petits musées, qui présentent des souvenirs et des trésors locaux.


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Canada's Got Treasures! Nouvelles
Terms of Use Nouvelles
Canada's Got Treasures! Nouvelles
Voices Through Walls: An introduction to contemporary aboriginal art and its place in Canadian Museums Nouvelles
The Hudson Strait Expedition Through Photography Nouvelles
The Role of Allegory and Realism in Representing Canada and Canadians at War and at Peace in the Stained Glass Windows of the Memorial Chamber Nouvelles
From Engineering Innovation to Regional Foundation: The History of the Ottawa Locks of the Rideau Canal Traced Through Archival Images Nouvelles
Emily Carr’s Totems: From Documentation to Personal Expression Nouvelles
With Regards, from Russia Nouvelles
Le Musée virtuel du Canada va bientôt déménager Nouvelles
Boy – How they Fly! Boys and Model Aeronautics Nouvelles
Rideau Timescapes: Mapping the Historic Rideau Canal Nouvelles
The Weyburn Mental Hospital Nouvelles
Interview with Dr. Robert Holmes Nouvelles
OPINION: Street Art View, and When I Learned to Appreciate Google Nouvelles
The Last Beluga Fisherman Nouvelles
Educational Resources about Canada’s Capital Region Nouvelles
From Treacherous Waters to a Busy Highway Intersection: The Journey of the Cape North Lighthouse to the Canada Science and Technology Museum Nouvelles
Carnival Art of John “Jack” Ray Nouvelles
Focus on Arctic in Canada’s Capital Region Nouvelles
Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ontario Branch, UWAC Musée
The Bralorne Time Traveller Nouvelles
Virtual Exhibits for Canadian Innovation in Healthcare Nouvelles
Reconsidering the Feminine in Women are Persons! Nouvelles
VIDEO: Educational Programming at the Exhibition Van Gogh: Up Close Nouvelles
The Peace Tower - National Capital Commission Nouvelles
The R-100 Airship Nouvelles
The Aerodrome of Democracy: Preserving a Legacy at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum Nouvelles
World Poetry Day: Canadian Confederation in Verse Nouvelles
Axe Néo - 7 Musée