Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art Studies at Simon Fraser University

The Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art Studies at Simon Fraser University focuses on researching and documenting the different cultures of the Northwest Coast and their many and varied artistic and material expressions. Most of the records that the Centre holds are digital images and texts brought together in a vast mosaic of this remarkable tradition.

The objective of the Bill Reid Centre is to promote an appreciation and understanding of the art, culture and history of Northwest Coast First Nations through the use of early explorers’ drawings, sketches, paintings and original photography. It is the Centre’s hope that this material will aid in the creation of a dialogue between members of First Nation communities, students, scholars, artists and others who wish to explore this unique artistic tradition.



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Hours of Operation

Operations: Year Round

We are a research centre operating within the Department of First Nations Studies at SFU. We have limited physical space but are open year round by appointment. Our content is available primarily online.

Open: 9:00 am

Closed: Saturday • Sunday

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Admission: Free

About Collections

The Centre's collection is composed of research materials primarily in the form of digital images and digitized textual documents.

Approximate number of objects in the collections: 50, 000


The Centre is home to a large digital image database composed of early explorer's drawings, sketches, paintings and original photographs from the late 19th century onward. We also hold a number of texts in digital and hard copy, all pertaining to the cultural area known as the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Cartographic Materials • Electronic Records • Prints and Drawings • Manuscripts • Films and Videos • Photographs • Textual Records

Human History

The subject of the Bill Reid Centre's collection of digital images and texts is the history, art and culture of First Nations of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Local History • Manuscripts • Imaging : Photographs

Services & Activities

Research Services

The Centre provides research services on First Nations history, art and culture of the Pacific Northwest Coast; we digitally archive images and text relating to art, culture and history of the Northwest Coast;

Archival Records • Library • Slide Library • Video Library

Educational Programs

All services, images and documents offered and held by the Bill Reid Centre are intended to promote and furthering scholarship on the cultures and arts of the Northwest Coast.


Visitor Services

Due to limited space our services are open to the public on an appointment basis only. We offer research and archival services for the cultural region known as the Pacific Northwest.

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Image highlighting the museum Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art Studies at Simon Fraser University

Memorial Pole at Sgang Gwaay, Haida Gwaii.

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