Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Archives & Museum

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The Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Archive and Museum collects, preserves, studies and exhibits museum objects and archival documents that illustrate the story of Father Athol Murray and the history and development of the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in Wilcox, Saskatchewan.

During an interpretive tour, the public learns how the College developed throughout the 20th Century, and how the ideals and visions of Father Athol Murray helped mold and develop men and women who went on to contribute to Saskatchewan, Canada and the world.



Off Main St. next to Duncan McNeill Arena
Wilcox, Saskatchewan
S0G 5E0

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Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Archives & Museum
P.O. Box 100, Wilcox, Saskatchewan
S0G 5E0

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Hours of Operation

Operations: Year Round

Open: Open 9:00 - 4:00 Monday to Friday. Open evenings or weekends by appointment. Open 8:30 - 4:00 seven days a week during July/August.

Closed: Saturday • Sunday
Closed statutory holidays.

Administration fees

Admission: Free

About Collections

Our collection displays artifacts illustrating the history of Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, adn its founders, the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis and Pere Athol Murray.


Our archival collection contains letters, photos, and documents from Father Athol Murray and donations from alumni.

Architectural Records • Prints and Drawings • Films and Videos • Photographs • Textual Records

Decorative Arts

Diplay of Father Murray's office and some personal items, sports jackets/uniforms and memorabilia, WWII military memorabilia, and a variety of smaller sculpture and artefacts.

Costumes • Furniture or Furnishings

Fine Arts

20 original works by Russian-born Canadian Painter, Nicholas de Grandmaison, but there are also paintings and sculpture by other de Grandmaison family members, and by renown Saskatchewan artists.

Canadian • Aboriginal or First Nations

Other Period: Nicholas de Grandmaison: Southern Alberta Native collection - Blood tribes and Peigan tribe (pastels & oil paintings); portraits -- premiers, prime ministers, business and sports figures. (pastels & oil paintings)

Painting • Photography • Prints and Drawings • Sculpture • Film and Video

War Art • Religious Art

Rare Book Room: 13th Century Manuscripts, Nuremburg Chronicle of 1493 (Latin). On the grounds are sculptures, stained glass windows by artisan André Rault of Rennes, France and sculptured bronze doors by Winnipeg artist, Roman Kowal.

Human History

The 1857 Report from the Select Committee, and the 72 Resolutions also known as the "Quebec Resolutions" passed in 1864 which were the basis of the Canadian Act of Confederation. 16 replica friezes of the Parthenon in Greece. The originals are in the British Museum and often referred to as the "Elgin Marbles".

Ceremonial Objects • Communications Devices • Costumes and Accessories • Furniture or Furnishings • Imaging : Film History and Technology : Photographs • Local History • Maps, Charts, Plans or Blueprints • Medals • Memorabilia • Printing and Bookbinding • Religious or Liturgical Objects • Sports Equipment

Services & Activities

Public tours of museum and College campus year-round; group or bus tours (by appointment only).

Research Services

We accept research requests for information and photographs (scanning or reproduction).

Archival Records • Films

Educational Programs

Local schools are invited to any special programming offered such as traveling exhibits.

Classes or Workshops • Lectures • School Programs : Age 12-17 (7-13)(Quebec: Secondary 1-CEGEP) : Age 18 and up (Post-Secondary)

Visitor Services

Guided Tours : English • Meeting Room Rental • Parking Facilities : Free : Bus • Special Needs Facilities : Parking : Signs : Washrooms : Wheelchair access • Washrooms

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Training Offered

Food Services

Meals are available at Varsity Hall (campus cafeteria) or local restaurant. Campus canteen also available.

Cafeteria • Picnic Area • Restaurant

Publications & Products

Publications such as museum brochures, annual report, and the alumni newsletter are free. Several historical books are available for sale. Notre Dame merchandise is available at the Hound Shop, or online at

Annual Reports • Books • Brochures • Newsletters • T-Shirts or Sweatshirts or Caps